Edmond Masjedi and his Relationship With The Entertainment Industry

Have you ever thought to do some experiments with ice-creams and desserts? Well, it’s not a cup of cake for every person but one person who has done this is Edmond Masjedi, as for him nothing is impossible in this world. He is the owner of Snobar which is a very popular product in the industry of food and dessert. He cannot be compared with the normal businessman as his imagination and idea cannot be matched with anyone. And, this can be seen with Snobar as he has completely transformed the way people look at ice-creams and desserts.

Now, let’s see his relationship with the world of entertainment

This businessman belongs to Beverly Hills, Los Angeles where anyone can easily find celebrities and stars who are famous among the people as most of them live here. And, it is true that most of the people love the romance and action which is telecasted in TV shows and movies of Hollywood and so the Edmond Masjedi. His love towards Hollywood gave him an idea of starting a website eddiemasjedi.com where the persons who love Hollywood deeply can find a lot of stuff there for their entertainment.

After visiting this website, you can easily collect the information about your favorite director, actress, actor, movie, and a lot more. Do you have a curiosity about watching the award show but you mostly miss it due to some work? No need to worry at all as this website is the best place where you can read about the winners of the award show. Along with this, you can find categories like the best international feature film or documentary short subject film and many more.

So, what are you thinking of? Tune with this website and enjoy the great work of Edmond Masjedi who always loves to do unique things for his customers and you know he proves himself best in whatever industry he goes because of his revolutionary thinking which is not earned by everyone on this earth.


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