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Keep your fear aside for running your business

Are you pondering why some people follow a person who becomes a success in their life or achieves their goals? Well, if you will try to understand while going in deep, then you will get to know these people also want to get that achievement what their ideals have achieved. When they read or hear that their epitomes have done something big with their hard work, this thing motivates them to do something new and great. Edmond Masjedi – An ideal for many businessmen  As it is known by most of the persons, Edmond Masjedi is a modern and well-known businessman who has new ideas and philosophies. He is a person who has crossed all those ways which were filled with obstacles when he was trying to begin his career and wants to give a new direction to his life by involving himself in different kinds of businesses.  Not everyone can think about new strategies for taking the organization at height in which they are working as most of the employees starts work